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  • Letter: Quality Of Life Counts For KL Folk
  • Aiming for a greener city: DBKL’s budget for 2014 has outlined several green projects to help turn KL into a green city.

    WE REFER to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall 2014 Budget announced by mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib recently. We congratulate the mayor on the highlights in this year’s budget, and wish to stress that there must be transparency and clarity in spending.

    Following are some of the highlights and our views and recommendations:

    Connecting the city via pedestrian walkways and a better road system.

    Connectivity (covered walkways) must not be confined to commercial centres alone but has to include housing estates as well. Providing covered, conducive, environment-friendly and disabled-friendly walkways will be of great benefit to the public.

    This will help in the reduction of carbon emission, leading to a healthy lifestyle among urbanites as a good number of them will start walking within their neighbourhood;

    Enhancing economic prosperity.

    It must be ensured that residential communities are not sacrificed for the sake of economic growth. Quality of life for residential communities must be enhanced, too. ln the case of Bangsar in general and Bukit Bandaraya in particular, we do not want our peace to be affected by commercial or commercially- related activities, legal or illegal, in residential premises.

    Therefore, enforcement must be ongoing with focus on eradicating abuse of residential premises.

    Turning Kuala Lumpur into an eco-city.

    Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) must walk the talk towards this end. City dwellers must be furnished with the details of DBKL’s plans for an eco-city.

    DBKL must ensure proper planning, compliance and enforcement in implementing sustainable and environment-friendly development. Hillside and hillslope developments must be monitored closely to ensure strict compliance.

    City for the people.

    In creating a city for the people, DBKL must always take into consideration the needs of the people for a quality life.

    As in many parts of the city, Bangsar is not spared from ill-planning. For example, several roads (in front of homes) have been turned into carparks due to improper planning by DBKL.

    Also, a hawkers’ paradise has come up in the vicinity of Bukit Bandaraya’s residential area.

    DBKL must ensure enforcement is carried out without fear or favour. The hawkers must be relocated into food courts or proper hawker centres.

    Do not turn a blind eye to the commercial or commercially- related activities being conducted in residential premises. lmmediately freeze all approvals granted for the operation of nurseries and kindergartens in the residential area of Bukit Bandaraya

    Enhancing good governance.

    A serious change in attitude is needed among most DBKL personnel. Continuous measures must be taken to ensure DBKL’s image is enhanced. The local authority must engage with the community and implement periodical rotation of personnel (top down) in all departments, especially the non-technical ones.

    Why has the Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan (DKLCP) 2020 not been gazetted until today, when it was originally planned to be gazetted in 2011/2012? Reasons for the delay must be made known to the people.

    Also how serious is DBKL about the Local Agenda 21 KL (LA21 KL) programme? Has it engaged effectively with the people in implementing the programme?

    As there have been repeated appeals for the installation of closed-circuit television cameras, such a step must be taken in residential areas, including Bukit Bandaraya.

    Overall, there is room for improvement in DBKL’s public delivery and the Bukit Bandaraya Residents Association has volunteered to monitor the service and delivery standards of the local authority and its contractors / sub-contractors.


    President, Bukit Bandaraya Residents Association

    Kuala Lumpur