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  • Two Vacant Bungalows Cause Worry For Nearby Residents In Section 5
  • RESIDENTS are taking the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to task for not initiating action against owners of two poorly maintained abandoned houses along Jalan 5/10F.

    The houses have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, as well as snakes and other pests.

    “The two bungalow lots pose health and safety risks to the residents nearby.

    “MBPJ must act to ensure the abandoned houses are kept clean and presentable,” said resident Chandran Pillai.

    Chandran, who has been living in the area since the late 1970s, said one of the houses has been abandoned for over five years now.

    This house is located right in front of his home while the second house, which has been abandoned for about three years, is located a few doors away from him.

    “Both are an eyesore and mar the area. I hope MBPJ will get the owner to clean the place or clean it themselves,” he said.

    Agreeing with him is his neighbour who only wants to be known as Kevin.

    “My house has been broken into before because of the abandoned house,” he said.

    He said robbers hid out in the abandoned house and climbed in after he left for work in the morning.

    He said his maid, who was alone at home, saw the robber jumping back over the wall and escaping via the abandoned house.

    “To have such buildings in the neighbourhood is inviting trouble,” he said.

    Kevin, who has been living in the area for about 14 years, said he leaves extra lights on at night as the compound near the abandoned house was often in complete darkness.

    He said his family was even afraid to come home at night for fear of robbers hiding in the abandoned house.

    “We are now even keeping all doors and windows locked throughout the day,” he said.

    Residents said they hoped MBPJ would take immediate action on the owners of the abandoned houses.

    They said MBPJ should also cordon off the area to prevent people from entering the abandoned premises.